How to make amazing & simple GLUTEN-FREE sourdough bread – Secret Process Revealed

Years ago when I was dealing with huge food intolerances was a challenge to find a decent gluten-free substitute for bread. I looked closely to commercially available gluten-free breads and flours, but they all contained something that I could not or would not want to eat: soy proteins, artificial vitamins, xanthan gum, guar gums, eggs from unknown sources, large amounts of high-starch flours, sugars and other artificial sweeteners, commercial yeast, artificial fruit juices etc.

I knew and felt that none of these ingredients really nourish the body and mind on the long run.

After experimenting period I came out with amazing gluten-free bread and it turned out that sourdough fermentation worked best and gave the best results. The end results were bread, a process and a recipe that you can make at home without complicated ingredients.

So, today I'm sharing a recipe and a process for this amazing and simple gluten-free sourdough bread and gluten-free sourdough starter with you!

It's gluten- free sourdough bread with simple ingredients, cruncy crust, soft, moist, open and flexible crumb and it cuts without crumbling and falling apart. You can bend it a good amount without breaking and it holds together well. It has delicious flavour with all health benefits that sourdough fermentation provides and is friendly for your wallet.

Honestly, I didn't come across a decent and simple gluten-free bread anywhere on the internet - the breads are either expensive to make or end results are not palatable. These process and a recipe is really a breakthrough. For the first time, gluten sensitive or people with allergies can have great bread back into their diets without suffering the consequences of gluten or other allergens in their system.

Why you will love this gluten-free sourdough bread?

• rich in fiber (because of psyllium husk)
• fermentation lowers the glycemic index and prevents blood sugar spikes
• simple ingredients with no hard-to-get flours and starches
• easy to prepare
• easy to fit the sourodugh baking into your daily life
• cheap
• perfect for sandwiches, tastes delicious and goes well with other foods
• easy to digest and keeps you light
• eggs-free, diary-free, soy-free, xanthan gum -free, guar gum-free, sugar-free

"How to make amazing & simple Gluten-free Sourdough Bread"

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