Hi! My name is Luka and I'm specialized in german new medicine, mind-body health and energy healing. I'm currently based in Slovenia - a very small country in Central Europe.

Since childhood I constantly had chronic health problems. From asthma attacks, chronic fatigue and brain fog. Later in early twenties my health crashed. I was diagnosed with a celiac disease type 3. That means, that villi located in small intestine taking care for absorption of nutrients were completely atrophied. In other word, food was just "falling" trough intestine without nutrients getting absorbed.

​Abdominal bloating, constant diarrhea, foul smelling fatty stool, weight loss, chronic fatigue, nutrient deficiency, leaky gut, allergies to practically almost all foods, irritability, brain fog, depresion, indigestion and on top of that constant chronic back pain. Everyday was a struggle to go trough. I hit many rock bottoms. My energy levels were so low and so much pain was going on.

"Let me help you find your health answers."
-Luka Kosir-

After the diagnosis I started asking a lot of questions to medical doctors. Why does the body do what it does? Where illnesses originate? What are the causes? Why me, why now? How, when and why cells are changing it's function?

None of the questions were answered and I was almost kicked out of ordination only asking important questions. I realized that day that I have to heal and find answers by myself. So I did.

After few years of ups and downs, hundreds of books and seminars I found my answers and heal my body. Now, my digestion is better than ever, without back pain and have no problems eating gluten anymore. Celiac disease and other diseases can be healed and it are not incurable as some might say. It takes some time and it's not just about food.

Our bodies and symptoms are fantastic piece of creation and works lightning fast with our mind. Whenever we have imbalanced mind and our perceptions of external environment are incorrect (illusions) our body will create meaningful symptoms to support us maximally with our self created illusions. Imbalanced perceptions lead to imbalanced emotions which lead to imbalanced hormones which leads to cell changes which leads to imbalanced physiology.

Health disorders and chronic issues, as well as limiting behaviors, are the result of an adaptive mechanism, which is triggered in synchronicity with our emotional traumas, stresses, epigenetcs and unconscious secondary gains. Our reflexive or automatic brain will transpose the stresses & traumas to the exact specific organ which will change it's function and size in order to assist the individual to cope with the perceived stresses. Dis-ease & health, both are created from within.

"My goal is to offer and give you a new perspective in approaching illness, helping you to uncover and release unconscious blocks to heal your body faster, to educate and inspire you to become the master of your own healing."
- Luka Kosir -

​A friend of my recommended me working with Luka. In 2010 I was diagnosed with an acute schizophrenic disorder and spent 3,5 years on anti-psychotic drugs, which ruined my life. 3,5 years I was stagnating mentally, physically and spiritually because of strong negative side effect of anti-psychotic drugs. I visited Luka for a session and finally, after so long time I saw a light at the end of my "dark tunnel". I was ready to do some work on myself and we did two sessions. I feel alive again and since our sessions I'm free of drugs which was my goal. Luka, thank you so much again!"

Eva D. Artist
Slavko D. Banker

My sister recommended Luka to me and he helped me tremendously to overcome the huge ongoing stress that I had for 3 months after I break up with ex-girlfriend. I had insomnia, nervousness, hard time to concentrate on my work and my energy levels were depleted. In less than one hour session over skype, Luka helped me to get back on track! With his guidance, I was able to release all the burden that I was holding on and fell so free and happy! My life went back to normal. Thank you!"

​Luka is an exceptional Practitioner. He is extremely intuitive and his desire to help is outstanding. He is very approachable and will go out of his way to give help and advice unconditionally. I feel confident everytime he gives me a therapy session and look forward each time as I know there will be results.

Sue D. Therapist
Dusa S. Mother

My husband sent me to Luka and I obeyed, thank god. Half year ago I encountered first serious health problems and had an operation. I thought having no control over what my body was doing and was feeling lost and frightened. Later, when I unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts which were burdening for me. I was feeling lost and frightened again. I decided for session and consultation with Luka. During our session, I realized how meaningful my symptoms were and everything that was going on in my life made sense. My doctors never told me why my body is doing what is doing. After a session I was completely calm in my mind and body. I was confident that I was in fact healing. Luka gave me many powerful advice. After three months ovarian cysts were completely gone and I finally got happily pregnant. I'm so grateful for Luka's help! Thank You!"

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