How to make simple gluten-free rice burger

Do you like burgers and you want to do gluten-free version? Then this post is for you. Imagine sinking your teeth into a thick yummy burger, hearing the crunch of the golden bun and savoring all of the luscious toppings on the pate. Let's dive straight into the recipe.

Simple sourdough gluten free rice burger
Yields: 2 big and one small burger.

Baking schedule:
Starter for the dough was prepared in the evening and left to rise overnight. The dough was mixed in the morning and left for six hours to increase in volume.

Ingredients & dough:
For burger bun just use the same process as shown in How to make simple & amazing gluten free bread post. For this recipe use a rice flour instead of millet flour and just follow the same instructions. At the end put the dough in a round baking pot instead in a baking tin. For this recipe, millet sourdough starter was used.

Spinach pate:
Steam four handful of spinach, add a stick of grass-fed butter, pinch of salt, some herbs that you like and add gluten-free oats. With stick blender blend everything gently so that compact like texture develops which you can shape into a pate. Make sure that there is no water left while steaming spinach, otherwise your pate will be runny.

Decorate with salad, onions or any other veggies & fillings of your choice and you are done :).

What kind of gluten-free burgers are your favorite?