Gluten Free Chocolate Rice Muffins

On, two, three and muffins are gone.Last fall I followed my friends basic recipe for chocolate muffins. Shortly thereafter, I chose to modify it to use rice instead of gluten flours and chia seeds to replace eggs. Outcome? Delicious!For 12 muffins prepare:Dry ingredients:- 330 g rice flour (grind rice grains into a rice flour in […]

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How can you prepare yourself before the tooth extraction

In the previous post I was writing about the root canals and health hazards that might cause. I would love to share with you the preparation protocol before going under tooth extraction or dental implant insertion. The protocol will help you to prepare yourself for proper bone healing or osseointegration of dental implant.Why is this […]

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How to make simple gluten-free rice burger

Do you like burgers and you want to do gluten-free version? Then this post is for you. Imagine sinking your teeth into a thick yummy burger, hearing the crunch of the golden bun and savoring all of the luscious toppings on the pate. Let’s dive straight into the recipe.Simple sourdough gluten free rice burgerYields: 2 […]

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