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Have you tried many healing approaches up to this point? From conventional, complementary, spiritual practices, yoga to meditation and nothing worked and your health issue or pain is still reocurring?

Wayne Dyer, John Sarno, Deepak Chopra, Louse Hay and Ester Hicks among others, have all illuminated mind-body link. Luise Hay with her book Heal your body gave us the rough guide. However, until the advent of computerized tomography in the 1980’s, there was no scientific proof. These findings redefine illness as an adaptive program of survival.

C.G. Jung has intuitively revealed through this sentence: “We are not here to cure disease but disease is here to cure us.” Disease is a calling to become whole again - in your mind, in your body, in your energy, in your emotion and in your spirit. We can treat dis-ease as a opportunity to evolve beyond our lopsided perceptions.

Our emotions are the result of our interpretations. Our interpretations are based on our life history in conjunction with survival mechanisms. For as long as the illness has a purpose, the body will express it. Identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind all illnesses is crucial and very important step within the healing process.

1-1 sessions will permit you to:

  • ​Be guided in order to identify the life events that are the sources of conflict at the origin of your current health condition.
  • Change of perception will permit you to unlock the subconscious programs and release the issue.
  • Identify the origin of the emotional conflict directly related to the health disorder or behavior that limits you.
  • To bring about the significant changes you desire by resolving the identified conflicts.
  • Bring greater awareness and better understanding of your condition or your behaviour.
  • Eliminate transgenerational programs and stop reproducing endlessly patterns of behavior, which do not belong to us.
  • Expand your awareness.
  • Release unconsciousness secondary gains that might block your healing.
  • Start loving yourself no matter what.
  • Uncover if your body is hanging in healing symptoms.
  • Overcome fear from diagnosis shock!
  • Help you to create deep transformation and restore health.

First session usually last an hour  or hour and half. Make sure you are free of distractions. Your participation and commitment will be essential to permit progress. This work is not in any way a substitute for your medical care.

For complex cases I can provide you ongoing support.

Consultations and sessions can be done over Skype, FB or other communication apps worldwide. Prior to session a consultation form will be provided to you.

Simona Š. Massage Therapist

A friend of mine recommended me to call Luka and luckily I did so. I rarely find people with whom I can have a pristine contact that I want to feel. With Luka was effortless. He is simple, respecting and honest, is inspiring hope and knowledge. He helped me to uncover why I was feeling submissive and disrespected in any relationship. I also had a chronic problem with urinary tract infection and we resolved that one too. I'm free of chronic urinary tract infections now! Every time I was fascinated how accurately he was "tuning in" into my inner state over Skype, on a distance, trough intuition. Today, I'm so grateful that I made such a big progress in my life in short period of time working with Luka. He also taught me few techniques that help me listen and trust my intuition. Thank you!"

​My sister send me Luka to me resolve my health issues. Different allergies have accompanied me since birth onward. There were times when I did not have much difficulty with allergies and periods when were almost unbearable - ulcerated and itchy sores on the hands and feet, swelling, and itching of the eyelids and sneezing...Treating with ointments and tablets (at the time of the biggest problems) was not successful, so I tried one session with Luka. The effect was immediate. The day before, itchy and ulcerated wounds on hand and feet, have changed color and volume. The eyelids were no longer inflamed and burning. After two weeks all eczema was gone completely and did not return. Amazing! Thanks a lot!!"

Simon K. Constructor
Natasha D. Professional Photographer

I started working with Luka when I had problems with my ankle and the pain spread to the foot. It was interesting that the pain was not due to an impact, injury or any other damage. The pain was usually experienced during the week in the morning when I got up, and was sometimes so unbearable that it was hard to think about something else. through session Luka found beliefs and feelings that were causing the pain in the foot and eliminated them. Pain immediately disappeared. During the session I learned a lot about myself. In addition to sessions, Luka was always ready to help understand and explain what is the biological significance of the symptoms that occur suddenly. An example of this happened to me three days after I came home from a 4-day business trip. I felt that I had a fever and my joints and kidneys hurt. When I mentioned the latter, he immediately said that I definitely felt lonely and abandoned in the business trip. It took my breath away as I realized this, I replied only: "Omg, how do you know?". When I became aware of my own feelings the situation has rapidly improved. For me, it's very valuable that during the session we become aware that the "diseases" or problems that we face, are not something separate from the body, or even something external, which we have chosen, but they are part of us and, as such, only the incidence or manifestation caught, live unprocessed emotions and patterns at the unconscious level. This awareness leads us to a calm and objective perception of changes in our bodies and in our lives, but also encourages us to amend an existing one."

I was recommended to Luka by my co-worker in the company. If I look at the matter today it seems to me that my problems with various pains and malaise began first with the death of my father and continued with the death of my mother. Different pains throughout the body have been present for quite some time, but the abdominal pain was the worse. Whenever I ate something, I had the feeling that my stomach will explode. After about two hours the pain diminished down considerably but never disappeared. I had the feeling that I can hardly breathe, hardly live. At work, I was constantly complaining over the pain, so my colleague suggested visiting Luka. Since I had nothing to lose, I have chosen to do so. I think it was after a long time, one of my best decisions. Session lasted two hours. In it, I again saw and felt herself, and such like, in my essence. Again, I felt my inner strength and energy, which I otherwise always had. Again, I remembered who I was. In fact, I felt that I again found myself, I can do it again and I want to find the will and the energy to continue my life's challenges. I managed to also say goodbye to my parents. Since that session, several months passed by and I must admit that "new program" still holds me in a positive way. A lot of physical pain has disappeared, especially in stomach and diaphragm. These painful simply no longer exists. The heart rate also improved, depending on the fact that was beating too fast. Luka, I'm forever grateful for this experience, which I share between all when they are interested and want to listen to me.

Darja B. Manager
Petra K. Childcare worker

​I heard about Luka's work and decided to work with him. I had problems with acne which began to appear about 5 years ago. It seemed to me that the appearance of the face with acne was marking me at every step, so I resorted to various creams and similar things, hoping to get rid of it. There was only a short-term effect. Then I tried to work with Luka. We did 5 treatments, which have contributed to the gradual removal of acne my face. Sessions have been a big challenge for me as a person - understanding, and awareness of self as a unique whole. After completing the last session, I can say that I found the cause of the problem and consequently skin on my face cleared. The greatest gift for me is that I finally know what is the cause of acne. Changes have also been in my general well-being because I finally could see myself acne-free and with a smile on my face.

Circumstances led me to meet Luka​ who mentioned he could help me. Since childhood, I had constant nightmares. They were appearing almost every night, sometimes few weeks in a row continuously. Later in my twenties nightmares were less frequent but still reoccurring. Because of nightmares, I was waking up tired, sleepy and restless. This was causing difficulties in working and studying. A session with Luka helped me to understand why and when the nightmares come, and what you can do with them to end them. From our conversation, it's been a couple of months and I can say that the nightmares do not come any more, in addition to my conversation with him helped resolve some internal conflicts.

Ana M. Translator
Marco K. Entrepreneur

​I was suffering for more than 10 years from allergy to pollen, so I decided to work with Luka since all other approaches were ineffective. Worst symptoms appeared during grass blossoming. Stuffy nose, itchy and red eyes were constant "companion". As soon as I scratched or itchy eyes, I got the feeling of having particles of crushed glass cutting me under my eyes. All this was accompanied by a runny nose. Anti-allergic pills did not help. What partially helped is only shower and one or two hours of extra sleep. Since I live in the village, flowering time was a significant obstacle for me. With Luka we worked on other issues and indirectly, we eliminated also the causes of allergies. I was not aware, and already here was the end of May, and I practically had zero previous problems with the eyes and nose. The difference is really significant, and I'm wondering. It is difficult to describe in words all those feelings when, after more than 10 years to restore normal walks through the blossoming nature. I recommend Luka to everyone, not just people with allergies because his approaches work and are effective."

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