Discover the Hidden Intelligence of Your Body

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Seminar Discover the Hidden Intelligence of Your Body is a 2 day seminar where we look at multi-disciplinary science and a new paradigm that is based on empirical evidence compiled together during more than 30 years of research with computer tomography. Together with an understanding of evolution, epigenetics and natural biological programs for survival of organism offer us a system which helps us to identify, uncover and understand the biological & psychological causes of almost any disease. With the help of scientific charts and symptoms that serves as a guidance we can pinpoint the cause of disease or imbalance in the body and have breakthrough the disease or symptom.

We often find writings and articles about how unprocessed emotions and negative feeling are causing diseases. That is great, but which emotions and feeling are causing specific diseases? Now, you don't have to guess anymore.

Imagine, that you know exactly which specific emotions and feelings are causing specific diseases and symptoms.
Imagine, that you know the course of the disease.
Imagine that you finally see & start recognizing how your body is constantly only trying to support you and how intelligent it is.

Uncover the diseases as biological program, how and when does it start and what is its course during the program. Get a fast insight inside the psyche of an individual. Seminar itakes place for two days.


  • Discover the 11 principles of nature
  • How trauma and shock works and what is happening in your brain at that time
  • Discover the two phases of any disease
  • ​Discover the process of chronic disease and how to release and complete it
  • ​Meet the fascinating science of embriology
  • ​Microorganisms - friendly or foe?
  • ​Uncover the connection between mind-body-brain-psyche and the environment.
  • Learn how the simptoms starts, what is the biological course and what biological meaning do they carry
  • Learn which specific emotions and feelings are the root cause for specific diseases (including cancer)
  • Meet the biological meaning of flu, breast cancer, reproductive organs and respiratory system.


  • Uncover the root causes and biological meaning of eczema, psoriasis, acne, back pain, multiple schlerosis, paralysis, heart attacks, cold, fle, stomach ulcers, digestive disorders, tinnitus, asthma, cists, laringitis, diabetes and many others diseases.
  • What the location of the symptoms can reveal to us
  • Alergies - -when, how, why and how to remove them
  • ​Uncover why so called risk factors (smoking, diet, genes, toxins, viruses) are not the cause of the disease
  • ​Deepen the specific connection between stress and symptoms.
  • ​Eyes and refractive errors (shortsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism)

We will see, that there is not only the connection between mind and the body, but also between the mind-brain-organ-psyche and the environment. Specific parts of the brain triggers specific reactions based on perceptions of events in individual's life. Research has shown, that intense emotional experience happened almost always before the disease starts its course.

At the seminar we will expand our awareness about disease triggers, emotions, feelings and believes that influence the operation of your organs, your body and your life. This knowledge is revolutionary. It shows us how the disease start, how does it work, what is the biological meaning and what kind of therapies can we use to get the most benefits for our health and well being in a particular time. When we understand the root causes, processes and biological meaning of the disease all therapy modalities can be therefore more effective and successful. We can support the natural process of self-healing massively and stop interfering with it.

This seminar is for you if you want:

  • Effortlessly overcome the word "cancer"
  • Want to be able to help yourself and others with dis-ease and symptoms
  • Uncover the precise emotional anatomy of the body
  • Go beyond the current methods in psychotherapy, analysis, counseling or personal growth
  • Unlock and understand the natural intelligence of your body for self healing
  • Uncover the emotional causes of the disease and release them
  • Understand the course of the disease and simptoms
  • Build radical trust with your body
  • Have more control over your health

Seminar can be conducted worldwide on request. Send inquires to of fill the form below.